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Sell more, ship quickly & boost your profits

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Stock Management

Quickly update stock when you sell something or receive new stock and ensures that up to date stock information is sent to each sales channel.

Improve Customer Service

Manage customer & supplier information in one place and information is correctly updated across all system that Profitise integrates with: logistics, accounting….

Order Management

View and manage orders placed on all channels in central place. Quickly update order information to keep your customers up to date on progress.

Fulfilment & Logistics

Integrated logistics systems ensures that labels are created without the need to re-enter data improving efficiency and minimising errors.

Integrated Accounting

Having an up to date view on business financials is essential. Profitise automatically sends financial information to Kashflow.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful sales reports allow you to understand how your business is performing and to take corrective action where necessary.

Use our new app to accelerate your product research

The Profitise app makes it extremely easy for you to gauge competition on new products you’re planning to sell, to work out whether you could sell the product profitably and to help you quickly list the product on all the channels you sell on.

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