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Stock Management

When you're selling on multiple channels one of the greatest challenges is ensuring that your stock is kept up to date across all channels. This is easy when you're selling just a few items. Even then doing this often is time consuming particularly when you need to do this several times ago.

The problem becomes seismic when you start selling hundreds or even thousands of items. It would be impossible to do this manually.

Profitise automatically monitors products where there are stock changes whether that's because you've processed an order or because you've just received a new delivery from your supplier. We'll automatically update stock to all active channels within just a few minutes. Customers will know when something is running low and you'll be sure to start earning as soon as product is back in stock

Customer Relationship Management

Wouldn't it be great if the customer relationship management tools you used every day could save you both time and money and scale up when your business starts to grow ?
Profitise is a fully integrated system which not only simplifies many of your back office Customer relationship management processes but it can also help you retain existing customers, improve the quality of your customer support, help you stay in front of your competition and provide a consistent experience to each and every one of your customers no matter how small or large they are.

Profitise gives you the right tools you need to overcome the many customer service challenges that many growing on line businesses have.
As your company grows you need to supply every increasing support to your growing customer base. You'll have to process and more and more customer requests and be able to stay on top of your growing client base as it happens. Profitise gives you instant access to the type of data and customer details you need to make your customer relationship management system much more efficient and productive.

As you grow your individual systems will be able to share this client information enabling you to provide even better customer support and satisfaction without the need for expensive upgrades or new resources.

Profitise will enable you to deliver exceptional customer service everyday.

With Profitise CRM you can:

* Resolve customer issues faster
* Become more productive by storing all of your information on individual customers in one place
* Have more meaningful and productive conversations with your customers.

* Give customers exactly what they want
* Outperform your competition and grow your business
* instantly respond to customers requirements and queries and give them the answers they need almost immediately

Order Management

Managing orders is a key part of your business. You need to know what's been ordered, by who and when and where it needs to be delivered and your customers need to know that they will get what they actually ordered.  With simple single orders its a simple task  for you to just add the order details to your daily orders spread sheet.  But as you grow you'll get more than a single order and it may be in multi parts and perhaps you'll get many orders each and everyday. How will you cope then ?

With Profitise you can manage and handle all of your orders placed on all of your channels all in one place. Profitise is intuitive and easy to use turning your order management tasks into a simple operation. You can quickly input and update any required information and the accuracy and flexibility of Profitise means that you can't over ship any item but you do have the ability to part ship any orders and still keep a complete and upto date record of what's been sent, time and time again. No more manual tracking, no more problems or time wasted coping with part or multiple orders, Profitise is fast accurate and very simple to use letting you take full control of your order management systems..

Managing multiple customers, orders, and suppliers can be daunting when you've reached even a small success level of selling. Profitise makes it easy for you to get the right orders, in the right quantity  to the right customers when and where they want them.

It is vital that your business is able to manage and process orders efficiently and having a complete view of all your shipments allows you to quickly handle queries and ensures that your customers get the highest levels of service and Profitise lets you do just that.

Customers will love you for shipping their orders quickly and you'll love Profitise for helping you do just that.

Fulfilment & Logistics

Using Profitise helps you get to market quickly and efficiently with the very highest levels of fulfillment and logistics accuracy – supporting shipments directly to consumers as well as the retail channel.  Profitise equips you with all the modern software tools you need to handle  virtually any fulfillment and logistics requirement.

The fulfilment and logistics aspects of Profitise are tailored  to suit your business  and our bespoke, helpful, hands on approach to suit your personal business needs. Using Profitise allows you to view us as a direct cost investment rather than as a draining overhead.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of your orders are correct and precise  at all levels and understand the importance to you of your customer’s  complete satisfaction.

With Profitise you can:
* Ensure the correct orders arrive with customers on time?
* Prepare stock to send to shops and retailers?
* Focus on sales and marketing to drive your company forward instead of fulfilment and logistics tasks.
* Save money on Postage and Packaging?

Not only does Profitise help ensure that your deliveries are labelled quickly and accurately, it's full integration system means that you can seamlessly incorporate your fulfilment service directly into your logistics system. Our many years of experience help ensure that your delivery is taken by the most appropriate courier or delivery service available ensuring that your delivery arrives with your customer on time and on budget, every time.

Integrated Accounting

With sales and customer service so closely  linked, it's key that your accounting system is linked in too.

Managing the financial side of your business can be a real head ache but Profitise, via it's integration with accounting systems,  makes the whole process easier for you, helping you understand and keep on top of, all  the critical parts of your business. The list of systems we integrate with is growing so we’ve not listed them all here.

Whether you're processing  a few orders a day or hundreds, you need to have a detailed insight into the financial position of your company on a real time basis. We’re not planning to reinvent what works or to add something complicated to our very easy to understand system.  Profitise will simply and efficiently, automatically send sales and purchase order information directly into your accounts package at relevant regular intervals, providing you with the right accounts information at the right time whenever you need it.

What kind of information?
This might be profit, stock  and revenue details for your tax purposes, as well information for  important sales analytics throughout the year.

As an additional benefit you'll instantly know exactly what is happening with all of your customer accounts, what they've  bought in the past, how much they have paid, has their last invoice been paid etc etc and so much more.
All this information is yours, easily to hand whenever you need it, taken live from your own accounting software.

Integrated Accounts means no more double entry requirements saving you both time and money, an improved customer response service to your buyers and that you get an instant understanding of the financial position of each and every customer as well as keeping upto date with your own business.

Powerful Reporting

In order to run your business profitably it is vital that you have your finger on the pulse of your business.

Profitise incorporates a range of powerful reports to enable you to do just that:

* Quickly identify items that are selling well on one channel but not another * Identify your top selling items
... and more.

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